Changing Parameters in added Elements

Before elements (i.e. video, image, sound and links) are added to an Mz3 Title, the parameters should be ckecked and adjusted. Sometimes that’s forgotten. Or it turns out later that parameters should be changed.

Since there is no “multi-selection” and “multi-adjustment” option available yet (that is planed), it has to be done element-by-element.

But a modification can be achieved easilyy. How that is done is shwon in this post.

Selecting Elements

In Manage Mode, elements can be “searched” (filtered) by element type, language and page.

The resulting table then can be sorted and the element that should be changed can be selected.
Selecting an element is achieved in either clicking into the row with that element, or clicking the element of choice in the “book”.



Deleting Elements

Once an element is selected, it can be deleted using the “Delete Elements” button, which deletes all selected elements and “remembers” all parameters of the first (or only) one.

After clicking the “Delete Elements” button


that element is taken off the list and in “Add elements” mode the remembered parameters are used for the next element to add.

Modifying Parameters

You can modify parameters for that element in clicking the “cog” button:


And you also can reposition and scale that element before adding it back.

Adding Element back

Hitting the “ADD Element” button will add it back to the list.


Final Remarks

BTW: Video and Image elements are positioned at the bottom right corner, whereas Area/Link elements stay at their “old” position.

Area/Link elements often are invisible and it would be hard to position them without the old reference.
If Video or Image elements remained at the old position, it would look like they had not been deleted; and you probably miss adding them back.

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