MegaZine3 DOWNLOADS: mz3Viewer

Free Viewer for MegaZine3 Publications

mz3Viewer is an APP presenting Mz3 Titles on your computer.

Mz3 Titles are eg. MegaZine3 Publications like eBooks, eZines, reports, photo or multimedia books.

mz3Viewer acts as both an Offline Reader for locally saved packages (no internet connection needed),
and an Online Reader for watching Mz3 Titles over the Internet (without the need of a Browser).

mz3Viewer automatically finds Mz3 Titles that are saved on your computer;  and manages those titles.
New Mz3 Titles can be added easily via Drag&Drop.

Please select: Windows  –  OSx
The functionaltiy is the same.


mz3Viewer for Windows 10


mz3Viewer for macOS Catalina

To publish multimedia books, ebooks, photo books or alike yourself, please test the free demo version of mz3Tool.

Each customer of an mz3Tool license (be it private or business) get an mz3Viewer without pre-isntalled links and without the “nagging” help-start-screen, which can be offered to their users.

If you subscribe for our newsletter or blog, you also will get such a “neutral” reader!