License Overview

Available License Types

Two general license types are offered:

  • PRIV: The low price option for: personal use, assosiations, schools/universities
  • BASE: The option for all business related purposes: companies, freelancers, organizations, “making money with MegaZine3”

PRIV License

  • Permanent license (one-time payment)
  • Supports all features of MegaZine3
  • Supports all variants: Internet with FLASH, Internet with Javascript/HTML5, Windows/OSx/Android mz3Viewer APP
  • 1 license covers 1 household: all family members/partners living together can share one license; i.e. mz3Tool can be installed on several computers
  • 3 months free updates/upgrades after purchase

The PRIV license is the best and cheapest option for:

  • private persons
  • associations or
  • education: schools, universities

It is not allowed to make money with the MZ3 Titles: As soon as you want to place ADs or sell the Mz3 Titles, you’ll need a BASE license and probably also the PUBL option.

You cannot add any of the options available for the BASE license, and there is no subscription model for updates/upgrades.

BASE License

  • Permanent license (one-time payment)
  • Supports all features of MegaZine3
  • Supports all variants: Internet with FLASH, Internet with Javascript/HTML5, Windows/OSx/Android mz3Viewer APP
  • 1 license covers one company/entity at a single location
  • unlimited number of “developers” working at that single location (“externals” need an own PRIV license)
  • 1 month free updates/upgrades after purchase
  • Several options are available

The BASE License is made for:

  • Companies
  • Freelancers
  • Organizations (non-profit organizations can apply for a discount)
  • Selling (advertisements; and together with the PUBL option: eBooks, magazines,  …)

BASE Options

The BASE license can be optionally extended:

  • OPT-ABO: Update/Upgrade subscription
  • OPT-PL: custom Preloader
  • OPT-WL: “white label”
  • OPT-PUBL: For selling publications (eBooks, magazines)
  • OPT-DEV: Developer Package (library, source code samples)
  • OPT-APP: Support for creating custom viewers (Windows, OSx, Android)

OPT-ABO: Permanent Access to Updates/Upgrades

This option offers free updates/upgrades for 12 months with automatic renewal, unless you terminate the subscription. A termination is possible at any time, but paid fees are not reimbursed.

To give you a chance to terminate at the best possible moment, you’ll receive an email about 2 weeks before the next payment is due.

If ordered together with the BASE license the price is discounted by 50% compared with the standard price. This Option is marked in the catalogue or cart with this icon:


You also will get an email whenever a new version is available, together with a specific download link.

OPT-PL: Customized Preloader

Special preloader version with a custom icon (logo or any small image) instead of the default MegaZine3 logo


Based on the logo/icon provided we’ll build and ship a special preloader showing that logo/icon.
Access to the prelaoder source code (prelaoder*.fla) and a tutorial for “do-it-yourself” is provided also.

OPT-WL: Suppress the “powered-by” Logo

This option takes out the “poweredBy logo” which shows up in the lower right bottom and links to our home page.

You then can insert your own logo or just keep it blank


OPT-PUBL: Sell Publications

This option allows selling of MZ3 Titles. It is actually unlimited in time, i.e. a permanent license option.
One PUBL option is valid for a single publication (any issue with the same title/name)
  • eBooks: One single book title, i.e. name of the book
    All revisions/updates of the same book title (i.e. with the same book name) are treated as the same book and need no extra license
  • magazines, newspapers: One single magazine title, i.e. name of the magazine
    All issues of the same magazine title are covered with one license. All issues must have the same name (periodical issues of one magazine).


All eBooks and megazines can be offered as online version (website, internet, server based) or as offline version (“APP-Package” for use with the free viewer on Windows and OSx PCs or onAndroid tablets.

OPT-DEV: Developer Package (library, source code samples)

MeagZine3 is supporting plugins and can be easily extended. In cases the standard functionality offered already with every license is not sufficient or very specific needs must be addressed, such plugins can be developped as custom plugin and will seamlessly work together with MegaZine3 the same way our plugins do; with all configuration options like adding plugins individually per Mz3 Title.

Such custom plugins can be built from scratch or based on one of the plugins we provide in source code format (a selection of typical plugins is available for download).

OPT-APP: Support for creating custom viewers (Windows, OSx, Android)

This option included one PUBL license and gives access to a pre-packaged version of mz3Viewer as “.airi” file (an unsigned package).

This package can be bundled with content (e.g. all but the software from an offline package), signed with an own certificate and then packaged with a packager of choice to build company branded viewers for all platforms (Windows, OSx, Android, iOS).


Such APPs then can be sold via the standard shops like Google Play or Apple appstore, or distributed via own services (server downloads).

Reseller Options

There is no special reseller option available, but we offer some interesting  options

Service provider


If you create reports or similar publications for your customers, these options will be of interest for you:
  • You buy a PUBL Option for your customer
    That option will be linked to your BASE license, i.e. your customer does not own a license. It is kind of bundled with your deliverable (e.g. annual report, …)
    And for each additional publication or a new customer an additional PUBL Option will be needed, unless it is just a new issue of an existing publication;  like a new annual report.Advantages:
    – PUBL options can be purchased in bundles with high discounts
    – MZ3 Titles created with such PUBL license will benefit form your BASE options
    If you e.g. own an OPT-WL and an OPT-PL, also your customer publications
    will have a custom preloader and no poweredBy watermark
  • You buy a standard BASE license for your customer and will get a discount for bundles of BASE license
    5 BASE licenses: 25%
    10 BASE licenses: 40% discountAdvantages:
    – Unlimited number of publications per customer
    – The license is your license, i.e. the customer will/must not get the full mz3Tool version
    The customer is linked to you, he cannot create Mz3 Titles by himself. The customer in that case will need dedicated OPT-WL or OPT-PL option licenses, though.
    But: The same discounts apply for those options also.

You have 10 customers/prospects that want to make use of your services.

  • Customers 1, 2, 3 and 4 just need a single annual report; nothing more
    But they’d like to substitute the poweredBy logo with theirs and also see their own logo in the preloader
    Here a package of 5 PUBL Options will be best: cost is 70 Euro per customer
  • Customers 6, 7, 8 and 9 plan several different reports, catalogues, documentations, manuals, …
    1 of them want the OPT-WL option
    Here a package of 5 BASE licenses + 1 OPT-WL option will cover all that.
    Cost for customers 6, 7 and 8 is 60 Euro each
    Cost for customer 9 needs the BASE and the OPT-WL: 60+80 = 140 Euro
    You then have one BASE license as spare for the next customer.
  • Customer 10 wants to sell an eBook you should create for him. That eBook should be sold in Google Play store and additionally be offered asinstaller for Windows and OSx
    You can use the spare BASE license; or get a single BASE license for him: 60 Euro
    For the first such customer an OPT-APP option is needed: 200 Euro
    The OPT-APP  contains one OPT-PUBL, so nothing more is needed.
    Total cost for that customer: ~ 260Euro

Remark: You most probably will have more than 1 “type 10” customer in future.
Then you do not need additional WL-APP options, but a single OPT-PUBL per customer and eBook will be sufficient.

It is up to you what you are charging 😉

The license will be part of your service/package.

eBook Reseller


If you plan selling more than a couple of single eBooks: please contact us!

We can offer special models based on your needs, like a fix percentage per sold book.
For much lower rates than those you’re used to like e.g. for Apple’s Appstore 😉



*) Marked Icons from

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