New mz3Viewer version for Windows

The download link for the Windows version of mz3Viewer is working again and now offering an updated version.

The core features are unchanged, but 2 new options for starting an Mz3 Title are available:

  • An mz3z file can be dragged over the program icon of mz3Viewer now. This will start mz3Viewer, which then extracts the Mz3 Title from the mz3z file and opens your “book” automatically.
    The mz3z file (the ZIP compressed package of your Mz3 Title) is generated with mz3Tool (“PUBLISH Offline” button).
  • Double clicking an mz3z file also starts mz3Viewer, which again will uncompress the file and show the book.
    You might have to assign the “mz3z” file extension to mz3Viewer first.

BTW, the same will work with an “mz3” file, as long as all folders and files for that Mz3 Title are at their expected locations.
I.e. dragging of an mz3 file over the program icon and double clicking on an mz3 file also shows the respective Mz3 Title.

Assigning the extension “mz3” to mz3Viewer also enables mz3Tool to show the actual Mz3 Titel with mz3Viewer with a click of the then available SHOW button.

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