Version 2.3.5

Version 2.3.5 is availabe now, with some enhancements, new license model and bug fixes


Free Test version

Simplified License Model

We now offer two licenses: MZ3-PRIV and MZ3-BASE

As the name implies the MZ3-PRIV is for personal use and also available for schools/universities and non-profit organizations and associations. As long as there are no commercial interests (e.g. placing advertisements).

The MZ3-BASE license is for business customers and can be extended with options. Those options can be purchased and added any time. The MZ3-BASE license is the license for business customers.

The price for the MZ3-BASE license was reduced. Since not all options have to be purchased, it is easier to “design” a best fit license saving some money (compared to the former MZ3-PRO license).

Both licenses the MZ3-PRIV and the MZ3-BASE include all MegaZine3 plugins and full functionality like

  • FLASH and Javascript versions (for Internet/Browser use)
  • Stand allone programs for Windows and OSx
  • Viewer as Android APP
  • Unlimited Mz3 Titles and pages
  • One-time payment, unlimited Life Span: no running costs
  • No Cloud based Saas solution (you are in full control, all is running on your computers)

The following options are available for the MZ3-BASE license:

MZ3-OPT-WL: White Label

With this option the “poweredBy” logo,



which  is shown in the right bottom corner:, will be hidden and a custom logo can be used.

MZ3-OPT-PL: Custom Preloader

The Online version (viewed in a browser over the Internet) shows the MegaZine3 logo when starting.


With the MZ3-OPT-PL option you will get a special preloader showing your logo or any symbol instead of the MegaZine3 logo, e.g. like the one of Scale-Magazine:


The creation of one preloader is included in the price for the MZ3-OPT-PL option: We do it for you! You only have to provide your logo or symbol.

MZ3-OPT-PUBL: Publishing Option

Although you can create an unlimited number of Mz3 Titles, you must not use them to make money; i.e. whatever you create, it must not be sold.

Placement of third party advertisements is not allowed neither.

If you want to sell an eBook or Magazine, this license is needed.

Special Options MZ3-OPT-DEV and MZ3-OPT-APP

If you plan to extend the core software with your own plugins or intend to sell Windows/OSx programs or Android/iOS APPs under your name, signed with your comapny certificate, you can do so with these options. And alos get our full attention if you purchase some “service hours”.



There are couple of enhancements available with this version:

  • Added a button to delete all paths in the dropdown lists to get rid of outdated and no longer used data.
    Alternatively you can delete or rename the original path and the next time mz3Tool starts that list will be corrected.
  • Enhanced sound plugin:
    New attribute fadeOut to set the fade out time independently of the fade in time.
    The combination of fadem fadeOut and delay now offers full flexibilty.
    It became very easy making adjustments in making use of 3 presets for typical use case.
    The result of the settings is shown in a little graphic:

    fadeOption softOut

Bug fixes

  • Multi lingual photo books can be created now (if no images had been available in the default folders, that language version was not detected)
  • A drag of an element on a page while in “Manage” mode no works and opens the default window for that element.
  • OSx folder and file names with special characters are supported now
  • The sound attributes did not always work as expected

Final Remarks

If you purchased the “update subscription” (offered as option with every purchase of a MZ3-BASE license), you’ll find the latest version under the link provided in the email you received with your order.
Hint: It is a good idea to keep your former version until you did some tests.

Social Media: New major versions will be presented in a blog post. Sub versions are announced with Twitter (@megazine3) and  facebook.

You also can subscribe for our newsletter, which informs about special offers and future plans.


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