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Create a Custom Preloader

If an Mz3 Title is started in a Browser using FLASH, a preloader is shown during startup. This preloader is synchronized with MegaZine3 (separate program but exchanging data over the API) and shows a closing  ring segment. With the MegaZine3 logo in the center. Once the basic things are loaded, control is passed to MegaZine3 (megazine-fat.swf) and the preloader vanishes. The

Video 1: Download & Installation

The Download Button for all available Downloads is located right at the beginning of our MegaZine3 homepage. A click opens the download page with all download options. How to download and install those programs is shown in our Video 1: Installation & Download; the first half is related to Windows, the second half, starting at about 2:30 minutes. then explains how

Video 12: Installation ImageMagick

mz3Tool, our “development tool” for digital publishing with MegaZine3, makes heavy use of several OpensSource tools. ImageMagick is one of those. Video 12: Installation ImageMagick shows how to enable this tool. Reasons for installing ImageMagick ImageMagick is a VERY powerful tool, and we only need a small fraction of all that functionality. But if you are interested in image manipulation and are willing