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Video 13: Create a Javascript Version

mz3Tool supports the option to make use of a MegaZine3 Javascript Version. MegaZine3 supports both Flahs and Javascript, and even can switch automatically to Javascript support, if FLASH is not available. How to make use of this option is shown in Video 13: Creating a MegaZine3 Javascritp Version. Preparations Installation of ImageMagick The MegaZine3 Javascript version makes use of JPG (or PNG) files to show the pages.

MegaZine3 Variants and Folder Structure

This is a pretty technical documentation, explaining some MegaZine3 and mz3Tool basic concepts and how data is organized by mz3Tool. Such details are intended for those, who have the technical back ground or are curious enough to learn such details. The “normal” user does not need to know all this ;-). MegaZine3 Variants MegaZine3 supports different platforms and technologies: Online +