This new version comes with an enhanced GUI for “Add Elements” (adding video, image sound and links to pages) and “Manage Elements” (modifying added elements).


  • Direct access to the areas “Add Elements” and “Manage Elements”
  • Buttons with icons, arranged and ordered according to the normal workflow: to to bottom, left to right
  • Added elements easily can be found, dientified and managed:
    Search on all or the actual page
    Search by element type
    All rows of the list with found elements are sortable
    Selection of the preselected elemtns via click of a row ion the list or directly on the elment in the opened book
    Selection with CTRL/SHIFT support (toggle selection with CTRL, select several elements with SHIFT)
  • Delete the selected elements
  • Change the language assignment, which defines what elements show up in what language
  • Easy copy and paste of elements:
    A deleted or selected element can be “re-added” after an optional re-positioning, re-sizing or changes in element parameters.

HJow to work with those new features will be the topic a the next video, which should be available soon.


Go directly to the area of interest:


New buttons in workflow order


“Manage” area with preselected and selected elements



We will show how to build a full-“scale” magazine in a special “making-of” series: From the raw PDF, some video files and a list with links to the final bi-lingual magazine.

As real life example we will use Scale Magazine. The latest issue was released last week: Scale 22, Q4-2016

Again a nice-to read magazine with tons of high quality photos and interesting stories!


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