Video 13: Create a Javascript Version

mz3Tool supports the option to make use of a MegaZine3 Javascript Version.

MegaZine3 supports both Flahs and Javascript, and even can switch automatically to Javascript support, if FLASH is not available.

How to make use of this option is shown in Video 13: Creating a MegaZine3 Javascritp Version.


Installation of ImageMagick

The MegaZine3 Javascript version makes use of JPG (or PNG) files to show the pages. SWF files cannot be used with pure Javascript. That’s why ImageMagick is needed. ImageMagick can be downloaded for free. How this and the installation is done in Windows and OSx is shown in Video 12: Installation of ImageMagick.

ImageMagick is used to convert PNG files into JPG files. The Javascript version could make use of PNG images. Those images can be created without the help of ImageMagick. But latest if prebuilt thumbnails should be used, ImageMagick is needed. Therefore we suggest installing ImageMagick pretty soon.

Configuration of mz3Tool

To configure mz3Tool for creating a MegaZine3 Javascript verison is very easy: Just enable that feature with the appropriate checkbox; and mz3Tool takes care about everything else; like:

  • Creation of all needed image files
  • Extend the MegaZine3 configuration file (the “mz3 file”), so additional “alternate” paths pointing to the image files are created
  • Create a special index file, supporting the automatic switch from FLASH to Javascript
  • Include all needed files and libraries, like jQuery and the MegaZine3 Javascript program.

All files needed are collected in the dedicated folder “onlinePackage” , once “PUBLISH – Online” was clicked. The content of that folder then can be uploaded to your server with any FTP-Tool, e.g. Filezilla (see Video 4: Publish Online).

After that the MegaZine3 Javascript version is available and will be automatically used in case no FLASH support is available in the user’s browser.

BTW: with that MegaZine3 also is available on mobile devices like iPad and Android Tablets.



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