Video Ex2: Brush up the Audio Book

Based on an audio book created with default settings (see blog post “Video Ex1: Creating an audio book” and the related video) some enhancements are preformed in setting some attributes and general settings.

To complete the book, some attributes and settings have to be changed. The necessary steps are collected in a “todo list”, sketched in this blog post and shown in the video “Finish Audio Book

Correct sound parameters

Since version new settings for typical sound transitions for fade-in and fade-out are availble.

The “soft-out” pattern is a good fit for audi books: when a page is flipped, the actual sound is faded-out and once the sound stopped, the new sound immediately starts playing with full volume:

All transitions have been set to soft-out now.

Remove Buttons

Many buttons are not needed and can be taken off the navigation bar to gain more space for bigger buttons. This is done in setting the related book attributes to false.

The following  attributes are set to “no” to delete the respective buttons:

  1. supportFirstLast = “no”
  2. supportBackButton = “no”
  3. supportZoomButtons = “no”
  4. supportPreviousNext = “false”

Big Icons

To make use of big icons for the buttons  to better support mobile devices and help children working with the book.

  • useBigIcons = “yes”

Thicker Book

To better simulate a book, the page/book thickness can be increased. A higher value will increase the look & feel of a book:

  • pagethickness = 0.5

WIKI as reference

The correct attribute names are looked-up in the WIKI:

Before – After

After those changes the final book looks like this:

Here for comparison the first audio book, based on default settings:

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