Video 3: Publish Offline (ZIP)

Video 3 (Publish Offline) was updated together with the new version of mz3Tool, i.e. v2.3.4

The Offline Package now automatically is compressed and saved as ZIP file.  Video 3 shows all steps necessary to share an Offline Mz3 Title.

Creating the ZIP file

Once an Mz3 Title is ready for distribution, a ZIP file containing all files and folders needed (the “Offline Package”) can be created.

feature publish zipSharing the ZIP File

The final ZIP file is save in folder “zippedMz3Titles”, which is opened automatically once everything was compressed. The ZIP file then can immediately be copied on CD/DVD/memory stack, attached to an email or uploaded to the Cloud (e.g. Dropbox). How that can be done should be common knowledge…
Another option is to offer the ZIP file for download from your server (see Video 4 on how to upload files to a server).

Receiving a ZIP File

The recepient of the ZIP file should copy the file to any folder on his local PC; a common task. Therefore we show in Video 3 as alternative method how to add a link to a page of an Mz3 Title and use such link to download the ZIP file from a server. Such Download-Link also can be conveyed via any Messenger App like e.g. Whatsapp and Skype, or as attachment with a good old Email .

Showing the Mz3 Title

The “end user”, i.e. the recipient of the ZIP file, needs mz3Viewer. This free app can be downloaded for Windows, OSx and Android from our Download-Area (Video 1).

Opening the ZIP File with mz3Viewer (Windows: “Open with / Choose another App”, and OSx via “Open with…/ Own”), or in case mz3Viewer already was started dragging the ZIP file and dropping it into the address row of  mz3Viewer, will start the extraction and the “Offline Package” (your “book”) is saved in folder “Documents/mz3Viewer/”. Once that is done, the Mz3 Title is immediately shown.

Summary and Final Remarks

To show an Offline Mz3 Title, no Internet connection and no browser is needed. And thanks to AIR all MegaZine3 functionality is available also on mobile devices (actually supported: Android tablets). Distribution is a very simple process: Creating a ZIP File is triggered with a single click, and opening the ZIP file to show the Mz3 Title is done with another single click.

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