Walk through v2.3.5.9 (new Add/Manage buttons)

Version was streamlined regarding the user interface:

New buttons and new positions should make it easier identifying what to do next.

The main changes had been explained in the former blog post about v2.3.5.7 already.
BTW: Versions and  enhanced the layout of the UI components and fixed some bugs that had been “introduced” with version
the OnlinePackage was not built and it was not possible placing elements on the left side of a single page book

The video “Walk-Through: Adding/Managing Elements” shows a typical workflow and provides details and tips & tricks on how to add and manage elements.

Overview Video Content

  • Using the main menu to directly open the Add or Manage area; and the “Back” buttons
  • Adding elments on left or right pages; on single page books and double page books
  • Managing elements: filter, select, delete, modify
  • Using the page control buttons


  • Options to select/unselect elements
  • Deleting elements and assets
  • Assigning a language to elements
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